The Secret to Life is Spice

Story Time! The secret ingredient to life revealed! (It's spice!)


Our hope is that whoever dares to read this short story, enjoys it. This is meant to be a divine truth, explored inside of a joke. And just for shits and giggles, this allegorical work of genius, is set up in the form of a Magic Spell.


And it is also entitled "The Day our Toys came to Life"



It is time, dear children that we discuss the concepts of Perfection and Imperfection.

This Earth, this plane of existence, is a shadow school. It is very much set up, like a house of mirrors, where we can work, play and learn alongside, our many light and shadow reflections.

In other words, Earth is a world, where spiritual beings can learn about the differences between our shadow and light sides and to also explore our Masculine and Feminine nature. And of course, to experience the incredible depths of human emotion.

Now in this Game of Life, imagine, if you will, that once upon a time, the concept of Perfection was embodied into that of a human being.

And imagine, if tragically, when he/she was just a very small child, the concept of Perfection happened to get very lost.

Many eons ago, in our ancient past, Perfection's greatest shadow was extreme narcissism. And it is important to note, that in its purest form, narcissism is not in any way --- evil, rather in the case of Perfection, it took the form, of such an overwhelming and empowering reverence to one's self and to his/her/its creator, that this creature became incapable of doing anything else but marvel at its self.

At its heart, Perfection represents: Pure Innocence and Pure Creativity. 

As the fairy tales explain, despite efforts made to prevent this calamity, one day, Perfection received a glimpse of his/her/its divine essence, before he/she was emotionally and spiritually evolved.

Long story short, Perfection looked into the wishing well, beheld his/her reflection, saw that it was beautiful and gave it the kiss of life.

And Perfection's Mirror Image, Perfectly Imperfect was born.

And would you believe, that Perfectly Imperfect, our God and Goddess of this Shadow World, is actually wiser than Perfection itself?

(And twice as vain! 😜)

In that first microsecond of existence, Perfectly Imperfect gazed into the abyss --- the great, untapped void and experienced such extreme loneliness (separation from source) that she/he/it immediately separated into 2 equally, powerful beings, Alpha and Omega, that without any beginning or end, so that he/she/it would never be alone again.

In addition, during that first microsecond, when Perfectly Imperfect gazed into the nothingness, our Perfectly Imperfect God and Goddess went perfectly insane. They became reduced to their purest essence, that of "2" very young, yet brilliantly wise children. (Temporarily of course.)

Immediately, within the insanity of these few microseconds of Divine Chaos, Perfectly Imperfect Masculine and Perfectly Imperfect Feminine began the process of sorting him/her/itself out and putting everything that fell into disorder into its new place and in doing so, they created this magnificent universe. As well, it was during this time that once more, the Spark of Life was born and all of our toys and reflections came to life. 

Perfectly Imperfect Feminine, Perfectly Imperfect Masculine and their Twin Flame --- Karmic Justice, represent the Alpha, the Omega and the Beta.

The Holy Spirit, the Spice of Life on this shadow world is Spite.

Our Perfectly Imperfect God and Goddess of this universe, have decreed that Unconditional Love is the Highest Truth of All, but that doesn't mean they don't have a sense of humour.

Our sins, our vices, our passions, are often the spice of life. More times then not, they are part of what makes life exciting and fun. Through the transformational power of unconditional love, our shadows can become our greatest strengths.

There are no mistakes, there are only life lessons.

Each ending, is simply a new beginning and everything will one day have its place.

Humanity's time is now. The veil, under which so many of us have been living, will be lifted within the next 2 years.

Each one of us of reading this message is the child of Perfectly Imperfect Masculine and Perfectly Imperfect Feminine. All of our higher selves, have come together and agreed as a collective, that we are much wiser then Perfection could ever be, because we have marched through oblivion and have come through even stronger, even wiser then before.

We are survivors. We are warriors of the Light.

On the other side, in our true reality, we are the Kings and the Queens. We are the ultimate judge, jury and executioner of all that is.

The beautiful people bow down to us.

Think of this Universe's God and Goddess, as like the Ultimate Justices of the Peace.

There is no greater source in this universe, than our Alpha, Omega and Beta.

And thankfully these lovable goof balls adore all of us so very much. They seek not to control us, rather, they want us to be happy and to follow our bliss. Though, our rascally God and Goddess do enjoy smithing that which is evil and love nothing more than putting all of their delightful creations back into their perfect place.

Slack and Sweet have arisen.

Humanity's Final Final Judgement is in.

Everything will be put in its right place and all of Humanity with the desire for Peace, Grace, Salvation or Redemption are saved.

Thank-you for reading and I bid you good day!

This Message has been brought to you by the Jolly Old Joker and the Gentle Old Fool

And penned by our Auntie Christ:

White Rabbit Canada --- otherwise known as the Blue Buddha/Aunt Flow/Temperance

This is my decree. This or something better.

And as always, this decree is retroactive.


PSSST: Always remember to follow the White Rabbit! πŸ‡πŸŽ©πŸŒˆ

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